The Vampire Diaries Finale :(

TVDGuys, I can’t believe the Vampire Diaries’s finale just ended yesterday. Team Stelena all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

I have grown up watching the vampire diaries, from middle school to high school, and now, almost college. Within all these 8 years, the vampire diaries remained a huge mystery to me, which is whether the supernatural things actually exist in the reality world, for example, vampires like the Salvatore brothers, witches like the Bennett family, and werewolves like the Lockwoods. I guess it would be pretty fun to be a Bennett witch, especially with all the connections to the ancestors, and magical powers.

SPOILERS ALERT: I am team Stelena all the way, but to be honest, it’s so unfair to what Stefan had to face and suffer in the finale. Stefan deserved better like what all the others said in Twitter. Perhaps Julie Plec, the executive producer, thinks that it will all end merrier with this plot.

Yet I always have this question in my mind, if Nina Dobrev (the one who plays Elena Gilbert) hadn’t left the vampire diaries along with Steven McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), would there be another season for the vampire diaries? I am just as sad as all the tvd family out there! All I can say is, I wish to see all the cast members together again in the future, especially my favorite, Paul Wesley πŸ˜€

If you feel sad and terrible, you might want to try watching The Originals! The good news is, I feel like Caroline is probably going to make it to that series. I have watched a few seasons of The Originals and they are awesome (they have a lot of magic fights going on!).

Remember to watch The Originals Season Four premiere on the 17th March, 2017! See you all tvd family! πŸ˜€

Team Stelena all the way!!!! Klaroline will be the future!!! – Plarsise


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