Best friend becoming a GEEK!


Today, I was doing something that we all normally do – texting. While I was texting this really good friend of mine, I suddenly got a vibe that he is kind of a geek. He doesn’t look geeky, but when you realize most of the time the message contents are about academics, you feel kinda screwed. Well at least that’s how I felt.

I wonder, are those people the true friends that I want? Or were we really close friends at first but the changes in the society result in changes between our friendship? I guess that sounds a bit complicated for most of you haha! Well, all things that end with -ship are complicated, like relationships.

A public exam is about to start in April, and all of my ‘friends’, including my besties are going full berserk mode, studying 24/7. When I received a ‘ding’ on my phone, the text messages are all about chemistry, biology, and math! Then a few seconds later, you started getting bombarded with snaps (from Snapchat) of them working on the past papers multiple choice questions along with their scores written on the top right hand corner of the paper. Everytime, he gets a 3X/36, and he’ll be like ‘dang it, what if this careless mistake happens again in the real exam.’ You know? That kind of stress he makes you feel? Meanwhile, I am watching Teen Wolf, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory.

Am I lazy? I think not, it’s just I have finished all the past papers and I felt like it’s time for me to relax and chill. But under the environment when your friends just can’t stop keeping their things to themselves and started stressing you out unintentionally, it’s kinda annoying. Yet, they are still great friends of mine.

Do you guys also encounter this same situation? Like after a long period of time, you started realizing your friend is a geek, or is becoming one? Does it affect your friendship much then?


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