Born This Way (Lady Gaga)


You guessed it wrong. This isn’t a post about how lyrical Lady Gaga’s BTW is, but rather, how relatable it is to me.

I couldn’t figure out my sexual orientations when I was small. But somehow, I could feel a strong attraction to boys. At first, I thought every one experiences this, because I read an article talking about how every one is born to be gay. It’s true. Every one is gay, because we all have both men and women hormone, which explains a lot why some men act girly as you say, because their body is controlled by mostly female hormones. Simply speaking, the female hormones dominate the male hormones. If men didn’t have female hormones, they would hate each other. When I say hate, I mean real hate, like predators and preys that kind of hate.

Lady Gaga has always been my idol and hero. She made me proud of who I truly am, especially after she came out of the closet and announced bisexuality. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Born This Way is like my personal anthem. One of the lyrics shocked me the most is, “No matter gay straight or bi, lesbian transgendered life, I’m on the right track baby I was born to survive.” She is right. We actually have to survive in the society, and it isn’t an easy thing. The society is full of all kinds of people. We have people who hate (homophobias) gays, or in other words, they aren’t as acceptable to others as we expect them to be. I have not come out of the closet yet, but I kind of feel tired hiding my true nature.

I have a friend who is a Catholic. I have actually always wanted to become a Catholic, because I could feel more closer to HIM. But then I realise, I do not need any religion to secure my faith or my connection to God, because as the Catholic says, as long as you have faith and believe in God’s existence, He is always there to protect you and be by your side.

Studying in a boy school, I have a hard time to be myself. Everyday, I meet my schoolmates who look extremely attractive to me. Whenever they act or talk to me, I will feel nervous and embarrassed. But being embarrassed is actually what made me embarrassed. I can never act normal and free in front of them, because I do not want them to figure out who I truly am. A weirdo, and stalking freak. Or what some people call, a monster.

“I’m beautiful in way, cause God makes no mistakes.” I once believed truly that being homosexual is a sin, and that’s the punishment God gave us for being sinners or doing something wrong in the past life. But Lady Gaga’s lyrics changed me. She encouraged me to confront the ideology from the society, and be the change that I want to be.

“A different lover is not a sin, believe HIM.” God created us human kinds, and we all believe that His creations are beautiful. Beautiful because we are not perfect, but unique. No one is flawless. We each have our own flaws. That’s what makes us special.

That’s why I have adored the United States of America so much. The freedom and democracy people have there are so much more than what we have. To see a lot of Americans find their true love made me so eager to live my life there. But again, the first thing I have to go through is college. That is the first thing I have to trust God with.

“Don’t let yourself have regret, just love yourself and you’re set.”

Lady Gaga, you are my hero and source of inspiration. I love you forever and ever.

Thank you.

Little Monster xoxo




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