The Originals is back!


I am a huge supernatural fan! I’ve always asked myself this question, what would I be if the supernatural did exist. I can’t say for sure that “NO! Supernatural does not exist!” If you believe that they do appear in this world, they keep on believing!

I myself love to become a witch, partly because of their magical power and mysteriousness. Mostly, because of the TV show The Originals! I am a huge fan of this fan, followed by The Vampire Diaries (goodbye to the show! I will miss you :D). My bedroom walls are covered with The Originals’ (TO) photoshoot and wallpaper.

Yesterday, TO premiered its fourth season, with the amazing return of Hayley Marshall, Elijah Mikaelson (my favorite), Klaus Mikaelson and Freya Mikaelson. There are two more Mikaelsons left asleep and unseen, but I am positive that we will see them soon in the upcoming episodes. In the first episode, the executive producer has already shown us the significant magical power Freya Mikaelson has as she performed a ritual to wake up all of her siblings. Albeit the fighting scenes only lasted for ten minutes approximately, but just the scene of Freya performing the ritual has already got me all excited for more! So now you see that’s why I would prefer being a witch than a vampire/werewlolf hybrid.

If you love watching The Vampire Diaries (TVD) and has never watched or heard of The Originals, it is basically a TV show about the first generation of vampires protecting their own family while in the others’ eyes, they are bringing chaos and danger to the city. They remain a threat to the supernatural order and life. So give it a shot! It contains romance, fights, and “Hope” (see what I did there? i.e. Hope, a trihybrid, is the name of the Mikaelson’s baby)

Yesterday’s episode is 10/10. I wonder what do you guys think about TO? Or do you think TVD is still better than TO?

P.S. I wish Caroline would appear in TO #Klaroline all the way!


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