Youtube – Did it right or did it wrong?


Earlier this week, the commonly used social media platform has added a new feature into user’s setting – The restricted mode.

The restricted mode acts primarily as a way to filter out all those abusive, and sensitive videos that may affect children’s mental development. However, a huge social media protest has sparked out by this sudden change in action by Youtube. #YoutubeIsOver has been trending Number One on Twitter on the day of the modification. Users, especially LGBTQ members, have reportedly claimed that Youtube primarily targets them instead, leaving many posting pictures of themselves deleting the Youtube app on their phone, threatening Youtube’s future popularity.

Most videos and channels including Youtubers who have come out of the closet (Tyler Oakley) are nowhere to be seen in the restrictive mode in Youtube. They are not removed, but rather hidden and filtered out. Famous singers like Lady Gaga who announced her bisexuality when she dropped the LGBT anthem “Born This Way” got her channel covered up by this new function. Her recent smash hit “Million Reasons”, which has nothing to do with LGBT, also got filtered out. People started wondering if Youtube is going against the LGBT community. Some argue that the act of coming out of the closet is nothing sensitive to children, instead it is an opportunity for children to find out about their sexual orientation sooner. Others have supported this filtering option, stating that it prevents young children from learning too much about the ‘abnormal’ sexual behavior.

Although Youtube has made a statement on the next day to tell the LGBT community that it has nothing to do with targeting the gays, many find it insincere enough, requesting for an official apology and actions on taking down this new function.

I personally do not support this filter mode. Most videos like animals being abused can still be found online. While sexual contents should be removed to prevent children from coming in contact with them, two gays talking normally about social issues on Youtube should not be restricted or deemed inappropriate. Most conservatives have blamed the liberals for ‘making something out of nothing’, but the liberals have pointed fingers and fired shots towards the racists and homophobic twitter users for leaving comments like #lgbtisuseless.

So is Youtube still a LGBT-friendly platform for every one? At least we know it has been since the Orlando incident.

So did Youtube do it right or do it wrong? What do you think? Leave a comment below to express your view!

For more information, check out my blog coming up tomorrow!



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