College, where am I going?

So Do nothing.jpegrecently, I spent months talking and choosing colleges in the States. As an international student, I have difficult time concentrating in both academics and college decisions. Nevertheless, the identity as an international student is what made admission more difficult and competitive in the States. We are to be blamed indeed for pushing up the competitiveness and standards of the colleges. Sorry locals!

I applied to 12 colleges, including the IVYs and the prestigious ones, (of course the heaven-like colleges are included too). It turns out I am not as competitive as I thought I’d be. Well technically, I knew where my SAT score would get me, pretty much nowhere, but God probably pitied me, and decided to send me an acceptance letter from NYU!

I was happy for a second, until I recall the expensive tuition and accommodation fees. Even with the scholarship I am granted with, my parents could barely afford me to study in NYU. I had to give up the offer. Yet, I’ve never blamed God for playing me like a fool, because now I finally realised what I have always wanted to study for – nursing. Thinking about it, I am kinda glad that I didn’t accept the offer from NYU, because they admitted me for Bachelor of psychology, which could pretty much get me nowhere in the near future, especially for a person who would like to emigrate.

Then I got accepted to both prestigious Canadian colleges, McGill University and University of Alberta. Yet, I had to turn down the offer. This time, it’s not because I am financially inadequate, but it’s because they require freshman to study physics and M2 for Bachelor of nursing. It’s more like Bachelor of Science (nursing), which is a completely different program and course.

Now, my future path has finally revealed itself in front of me. Australia – Sydney. I thought I have wasted my time studying the SAT and TOEFL exams, but guess what? Nothing is ever a waste. University of Sydney (USYD) admitted me for Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) with my SAT scores.

I do believe that things are all destined, and sealed. There is no way to change our future, but how we want to proceed to our destined future. I still remember the time in November when I first applied to Cornell University and the heartbreaking rejection letter I got, come to think of it, it’s pretty dumb for me to actually feel sad. I didn’t believe those people who said “rejection is a part of a self-improvement.” I guess it is true now. From November to now June, these 7 months truly inspired me to become more mature. There is nothing to struggle or stress out with, everything has already been planned neatly the moment you were born. I’ve always wanted to study and live my life in the States, but see where I finally end up in, Australia!



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