I am back!

I am back

Hi guys, I haven’t written anything here for a long period of time. I just finished my public exams, and I am pretty worn out, but guess what? I am back! There are a lot of incidents that happened within these few months, from an argument with my dad about marriage equality to terrorist attacks in England, Thailand, France, The Philippines, and many more. Starting from today onwards, I will become more active in writing my blogs, so I hope you will still stay tuned to my recent articles!

Just a little heads up, so welcome back!


2 thoughts on “I am back!

    1. Happy blogging to you too! I’m not always a blogger, but I do believe in the power that blogging can give us – inspiring others while storing our memories. The world is indeed chaotic now, but what we all need is love and hope right now. Keep spreading love! Thanks for commenting 😀 I truly wish that one day, blogging will become a powerful tool to change the world, and it’ll be great to see people commenting on others’ blogs to become more active! The world will become better, just stay positive! Wherever you are, take good care of yourself 😀


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